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Made by ME for ALL of YOU!!! (Siesta Key Beach)


Hello My Dearest readers!!!  This is the beginning of My “Birthday Week”!!  I had a WONDERFUL week of SUCCESS last week!!!  I’m looking to TOP IT this week!!!  There are a few goals I plan to accomplish this week!!


1.  Cook Dinner Tues, Wed, and Thurs night (as per @kthenb)

2.  Complete week 2 of Push up/situp 6 week challenge (as per @slorunnermom)

3.  Drink 3L of H2O Daily

4.  Do my Reiki exercises Daily (as per @dailykat)

5.  Disconnect one night this week (as per @MizFitonline)

6.  In Bed by 10:30, Lights out at 11

7.  Work out 2x a day (Monday-Friday)


Okie Dokie!!! There you have it!!!  I WILL have 100% SUCCESS this week…MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!  Keep an EYE on me…Check in on me and let me know that you’ve got my back!!! BTW….


What is my reward for my 100% SUCCESSFUL week?!?!? A Disney Cruise Leaving the day after my birthday!!! April 25, 2010…. Look out Mickey!!! HERE WE COME!!!!!!!! 😉


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Hello, My Friends!!! HAPPY TWEETSGIVING!!! (The picture above is the Thanksgiving Tree at one of my nursing home) Yes, I’m well aware that TODAY is the Day AFTER Thanksgiving, but I decided that I wanted to share my  Blessings with you anyway!! 😉 Besides…to know me is to know that I truly Practice the Act of BEING THANKFUL EVERYDAY…..Thats just “How I Roll!!!” 😉 

I am so Grateful for so many things this year!!!! I’m going to take this opportunity to list a few! They are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER! Here We Go!!!!!! 



The UNCONDITIONAL Love of my Dad!!!! 


My “Partner In Crime”…My Brother: Dr. Lewis Holmes III (@KenpoDoc4) 


My Wonderful friends…. New & Old (This was given to me by a friend who knew my Love of Dexter) 


My 2 Year pass to Sea World and Aquatica  




My “Local” Support System and Training Squad 

This weekend, I had an awesome time…just chatting with my new DEAR friends….I will say a special prayer tonight for @slorunnermom, @cunningmom, @TeeTee_71, @phatbff, @wildfirefitness, @knitster, @BwJen, @whiskyd, @MizFitOnline, @mommas_crew, @IAmSucceeding, @jeepjenn, @FabFattieShan, @KyraTX, @Fitarella, and @Msjathletics  for keeping my company…Keeping me smiling, and warming my HEART & SOUL This Weekend!!! THANK YOU!!! {{{{Hugs}}}}…. 




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2010 is off to a super start!!!  I’ve been working out hard, but I’ve done it at home!!  I have a treadmill, A stationary recumbent bike, weights, Kettle bells, medicine balls, resistance bands, yoga mats and DVDs out the wazoo!!!  I ALSO have a gym membership….I LOVE the atmosphere at my gym!!  I was starting to miss it, so I went back today….first time in 2010!!!  I’ve decided to share my gym with you…..HERE GOES!!

So…. Thats the outside!!  I am going to take you on a quick little tour of the inside!!

The front Lobby where you scan your card, get water or muscle milk , get locker keys, etc.

Stairs that lead to the massage area.

Dressing Rooms


Steam rooms, Saunas, showers

Cardio Theater with Spinning studio, and Pilates studio to the right and left of this picture


Lower Body free-weights room

Below we have the circuit room and upper body free-weights


Classes (Zumba, Kick Boxing, Boot Camp, Body Pump, etc.)

Me being the trainer…..

and me WORKING IT OUT!!! 😉

Manis, Pedis, and Salon

This was taken at the café across the street…(the night before)

Okie Dokie…. Thats it!!!  So now when I say that I’m heading to the gym, you will have a visual….

I showed you mine…NOW YOU SHOW ME YOURS!!!  Where do you workout?  Home, Gym, videos, Running, walking, biking?!?  Please share….I’D LOVE TO SEE!!! 😉

One more thing!!!  My weigh-in for Rethink Your Shrink…..Im at 288.9!  Slightly up from my last “official” weigh in BUT…Im down since my cruise!!!!  All is well, and I feel GREAT!!!  😉

I’m gonna leave you with the tune that was in my head all day!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!


Dr. Mo

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 What a year 2009 was!!!!  Ok…This project was very good for me!!!  It allowed me a chance to LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!  Doing this will help me to SUCCEED IN 2010!!  The above picture was taken when I was taking one of my “Zen” walks on Siesta Key Beach at the end of 2009!  I always like to go to the beach and watch a sunset while I “Look Back” so that I may “Move Forward”  Ok…Here goes….

Part 1:  My “Pitfalls” of 2009….. One thing would be my “Polite” Nature!  I am constantly being given food that isn’t good for me.  Whether it be a drug rep bringing in goodies for me and my staff, patients baking me tokens of appreciation, relatives wanting me to “hang out at the BBQ”, nurses bringing me snacks to make me a kinder gentler Doctor so that I won’t work them as hard, or my Honey just wanting to make me happy…..They ALMOST ALWAYS have things to give me that aren’t included on my Healthier Lifestyle plan!!  I almost NEVER said “NO” in 2009 for fear that I would hurt someone’s feelings!!

Another pitfall was my busy schedule!!  I am usually going as @Mizfitonline says…9376259 miles per hour from the time that I wake up until the time that I close my eyes!!  I would always have the best intentions BUT if I didn’t get up to workout in the morning…..It wouldnt get done!!  Life would ALWAYS get in the way!!  I would still have hopes that I would get to workout at night…BUT My NEXT pitfall would get in the way…..

FATIGUE!!!!!!!  Not only am I CRAZY BUSY during the day…I’m also an insomniac!  This madness started when I lived in NYC and partied like a Rock Star for 2 years….(That’s a WHOLE DIFFERENT POST!!! LOL!!)  I KNOW that one of the keys to the weight loss puzzle is SLEEP, but I usually only got 2-4 hours a night!!  I know I need 6-8 hours to be a lean mean fat-burning machine, but knowing and DOING are 2 different things!!

Another pitfall of mine…I’m a “FAST-FOOD QUEEN”….. Breakfast = McDonalds….Lunch = Pizza Hut….. Dinner = Chinese….NOTHING cooked at home!!! No fruits… No veggies…Just lots and lots of Bad stuff

All these things were recognized as bad in the mid to late 2009 but a PLAN was never really finalized as to how I was going to get more healthy!!

Part 2:  Successes in 2009…..  One Word…… “TWITTER”  on April 11, 2009 at 5:41 PM…..I decided to see what all the HYPE was about so I created a Twitter account.  The rest , as they say, is History!!!  I have been embraced by the Twitter community and it is the “Greatest Love Of All”!!!  It took me a little time to get used to the concept but @sistapoetry followed me…took me under her wing…gave me a #followfriday and Mr. Tweet shout out and MAGIC HAPPENED!!  The fitness “Link” happened when @thefatgeek told me about a fitness challenge that I should participate in hosted by The FANTABULOUS SHANNON & ANGIE Better known as @fabfatties ( currently @FabFattieShan )….All that I can say is OMG!!!!!!  Once I locked arms with these ladies…following the steps of the challenge…I started living my life differently.  Slipping at times but always finding my way back to a Healthier lifestyle!!  I didn’t even know what a blog was before entering their challenge and being told that I could gain points by reading and commenting on the blogs of others!!! I plan to dedicate a post to all the wonderful blogs that MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE…..SOON!!!  STAY TUNED FOR THAT!  Oh….one last thing on part 2.  The fabfatties also had us take short walks during lunch time!! This is One of my daily goals on office days….SO INVIGORATING and REFRESHING!!!  Everyone should try it!!  😉

Part 3:  Solutions for Success in 2010   1.  Just like the ant-drug campaign….JUST SAY NO!!  I will still be Polite…but I will Politely say NO!!!  If it isn’t going to help me get closer to my goals….I WILL say NO THANK YOU!  I will plan some things to satisfy my sweet tooth but I won’t just eat something because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings!!  From now on…my feelings come first!!!  2.  I will SCHEDULE MY WORKOUTS….preferably in the early AM!!!  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail….so Im going to PLAN all my workouts in advance!!  I’m going to put them in my Blackberry WITH alarms AND DO THE PLAYOUTS (workouts) when they are scheduled…in other words….Actually get up out of bed when the alarm goes off!!! LOL!!  3.  Be ready for bed at 10PM and In Bed By 11!!  This will be a HUGE improvement from my current sleeping habits!  4.  Eat more fruits/veggies and cook at home.  Im getting much better at this!  It just takes planning!! (@BwJen & @ChiveTalker ) always stress this fact!!  4.   last , But not least…CONTINUE to move my Body …..Wii Fit/The Biggest Loser game, Couch 2 5K, Treadmill, Biking, Gym sessions, Kettle Bells, Yoga/Pilates, sit ups/push ups Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner videos AND anything else that may come down the Pike!!! I LOVE FITNESS!!! I’ve NEVER had a problem in this department!!!

Ok….Thats gonna do it for PROJECT ME!!!!  @christieo was right!!!  This wasnt “Homework” at all!!!  It was VERY MOTIVATIONAL!!!  I am going to see what all of my other challengers had to say!!! 

Until Next Time……

Love Yourself……and Others!!  😉





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Happy New Year!!!!! 2010 is here folks!!!  Its gotten off to an AMAZING start!!!  I missed out on the Hot 100 but….Thanks to @BwJen , I am participating in www.LogMyLoss.com The Perfect 10 Challenge!! Here are My goals for the next 10 weeks!!

1.  Playout 5 times a week!  (3 cardio sessions and 2 resistance training sessions)

2.  Gulp, Gulp, Gulp!! I will consume 64 oz. of H2O a day!

3.  Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day!

4.  Take a “Stroll for Lunch” every “office” Day……(These days vary)

5.  Lose 2 pound /week = 20 pounds during this challenge

6.  Hit My GoWearFit www.BodyMedia.com step goal each day (5000 steps, however…I shoot for 10,000 plus/daily My rabbit is @Msjathletics at www.coachmegs.blogspot.com )

7.  Stretch every night before bed

8.  100 crunches/daily

9.  25 push ups/daily

10.  Read 2 Blogs AND Comment/Daily

There you have it!!!  Ok, Steve and everyone else in this WONDERFUL Challenge……Let’ GET ER DONE!!! 😉


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Im so excited to participate in the RETHINK YOUR SHRINK challenge!!!! I am actually looking forward to the homework assignments because it will keep me active and accountable all the way to the finish line!!! This ladies are LOADS OF FUN!!! Its not too late to Join the challenge and RETHINK YOUR SHRINK with me!!! 🙂

My 3 Goals for the challenge:

1. “PLAYout” 5 Days a week! 3 cardio days/wk and 2 resistance training days/wk ( I read @MizFitOnline ‘s New Year’s Post and she talked about taking the “work” out of workouts and add “Play”….If its fun…I will stick with it!! 😉

2. Eat 5 servings of fruit and veggies each day! This has been very tough for me in the past! I am getting better with the help of @fitarella , @IAmSucceeding , and @jeepjenn = Team #30DayRawChallenge!!!

3. Drink 64 ounces of Water/Daily! This will be a very hard goal!!!! I could go ALL DAY without drinking a glass of water!!! Those days are in the past!!!

I will track my fruits/veggie/water manually in my “Fitbook” ( @BwJen let me know about this little gem)
I will Log my workouts as well as my calorie intake/food log in my Activity Manager daily for My GoWearFit (BodyBugg’s new and improved cousin….LOL)

My Non-Food Reward for completing my goals:
Hmmmmmm….This is a toughy!!!! My reward will be “Your Shape” A Game for Wii inspired by fellow Weight Watcher Jenny McCarthy!!!


Okie Dokie!!! I will post an update of my challenge goals each week!!!! Im Excited about this challenge!!!! Im gonna bring SEXY BACK……YEP!!!!

Until next time

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What an Awesome Year 2009 was!!!!! It brought me many joys, one of which was my introduction to Twitter (and the people I met there) and Blogging (which I LOVE and plan to do more of!!) I will get into that a little later!! I spent a Terrific New Year’s Eve at Sea World In Orlando!! Lots Fireworks, Dancing, Singing, and all the Good Clean fun That goes with it!!! I am going to do a post about my “2009” a little later. Hello to all my friends…Old and New!!!! Welcome to my “WordPress” house-warming! I loved my first home (footdr69-followinmyfootsteps.blogspot.com) It was a Beautiful Starter Blog But now I’m taking it to the next level!!!! 😉 I have at least 2 more posts in me but first, I need to take the family over to Downtown Disney! This Year Is getting off to a WONDERFULLY EXCITING ACTIVE 2010!!! I’m EXCITED about the possibilities!! Looking forward to Learning, Growing, and SHRINKING With YOU!!! In the words of Tone Loc…..LET’S DO IT!!!! 😉

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