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 What a rollercoaster of a day!!!  I woke up early today.  I felt refreshed from a good night’s sleep (getting to bed early just like I planned).  I had my green smoothie with spinach, mango, blueberries, whey, psyllium, flax seed and wheat germ (Breakfast of Champions).  I packed my gym bag and headed to the Tuesday nursing home.  All was going according to plan!!  I had a patient sing to me..”You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine.  You make me happy, when skies are gray.  you never know, dear, how much I love you.  Please don’t take my Sunshine away!!”  She had a Beautiful voice!!  I was going from room to room, doing my thing when I ran into a new rehab patient.  She  had neuropathy.  I began to debride her nails and I noticed that her big toe had dried blood on the tip.  I cleansed the area to find the source of the drainage and I noticed that she was missing the tip of her toe.  There was a steel pin exposed from a bunion surgery performed 20 years ago!!  The patient denied any trauma to the toe.  She couldn’t feel her feet so she was completely UNAWARE that the pin worked its way through the tissue.  I had to inform her of the status of her toe.  I have wound consults all the time, but I was consulted to see her for diabetic nail care!!  This was yet ANOTHER wake up call for me!!  I’m YOUNG and HEALTHY and it will ALL change IF I DON’T get the weight off and live a healthier lifestyle!! 

Still keeping to my plan, I went to my NM office, did a little paperwork, changed clothes and I was OFF TO THE GYM!!!  I did a KILLER lower body/core routine (generated by dailyburn.com and revised by moi) I felt STRONG!!!! After which, I slid into the last 20 min of a spin class!!!  (I must RE-Introduce my BOOTY to the SPINNING BIKE SEAT!!!  This was a Hills spin class so I was out of the saddle for most of the ride!!! YIPEE!!  I just wish the spin bikes had a distance reading OR than my Garmin could record a stationary bike!!!  Unfortunately, neither are true….

I went home, took a shower and began to make dinner for my WEEKLY Biggest Loser Par-Tay!!!  Spaghetti:  Wheat Pasta, ground turkey breast, and a killer salad!!! 

 This Biggest Loser episode was the “marathon” episode!!!  So much fun tweeting with my Biggest Loser Tweethearts!!!  I’m going to do a post with their blog links next week for the finale!  😉  Had a few tweets from @Tara_Costa (Who held the BL marathon record before last night) and @Ali_Sweeney who took it like a champ when I asked her if one of her tweets was english!!!  LOL!!!  We laugh, cry and even workout OR should I say #Tworkout during commercial breaks of Biggest Loser as @AprilShowrs of @shrinkingjeans tweets out exercises for us to do after 9 PM!!!  #GoodTimes  Watching the marathon unfold last night brought up strong emotions!!!  Exciting memories of watching Trish and Jenn of @FitBottomedGirl run their marathon in Jan. Excitement for Lori @slorunnermom who will be running her VERY FIRST MARATHON on 10/10/10 in Chicago with US, her Blackberry hearts cheering her on!!! (Yes, we ALL are planning to be there!!)  Some things were said to me via blackberry that made me think…I will dedicate a future post to that topic!! (Stay Tuned)

The Proudest, most Touching moment for me, last night was when former Biggest loser contestants were meeting the runners on the route to run with current contestants and give them support and encouragement!!!  @Ali_Sweeney Tweeted :  “Who would you want to run with you? #BL9”  to My SURPRISE….This tweet popped on my screen….

Slorunnermom: no hesitation I’d want @FitInMyHeart  🙂 RT @Ali_Sweeney: Who would you want to run with you? #BL9





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Oh What a Day!!!!  The above picture of me and Monica would have been a picture of Jennipher Walters and Tish Merritt Of @FitBottomedGirls www.fitbottomedgirls.com ….. But When they crested the hill….(I was busy checking my Blackberry to check their tweets because I was afraid that we had missed them)….and Monica noticed a runner fitting the description of  Tish (I have never seen a picture of these 2 ladies!!) look at our signs, hit the other girl running beside her…and they started shouting…”HEY…THAT’S US!!!!!”  Monica started hitting me and said…”Monique Monique….IT’S THEM!!!!!”  We were so excited to see them and cheer them on that I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE!!!!! D’oh!!!  They did, however, take pictures of us …WHICH WAS WAY COOL!!!!!!  …….Let me take you back to the night before……

I found out earlier that week that the @FitBottomedGirl was going to be running the Disney Marathon.  I knew that they were training for a marathon but I didn’t know it was going to be one so close to me!  So, I moved my schedule around and got my “crew” together and we headed to Orlando on Saturday night.  We decided to make some signs for Tish and Jennipher so they could see their names along the marathon route to hopefully give them a little boost!!  Lexi was really happy about this because she loves to color!  I have a cousin who is a Disney exec so we stayed with her that night!

So, we ate dinner and spent time with my cousin Joy.  We had a blast!  I went out and bought some poster board.  Me, Monica, and Alexis began putting our creative juices to work.  We finished around 1:30 AM

I finally fell asleep around 2:30 AM!  The alarm went off at 5:30 AM…we were only 2 exits down from the marathon route!  I didn’t hear it and woke up in a panic at 6:30 AM!!  I woke Monica up BUT Alexis and Xavier WERE NOT HAVING IT!!!  I asked Lexi if she was sure she didn’t want to go (because she was so excited to show off her art work) she said..”Tell them that I said Good Luck” and rolled over and went back to sleep!  I was tickled!  I totally understood!  I asked my cousin Joy if it was ok if we left the kids and she said yes!  So me and Monica headed out!!  I was watching Tish and Jennipher tweet on my Blackberry so it gave me an idea of where they were!!  As we were passing the runners…I read a tweet that said “We see Magic Kingdom” This made me nervous because I couldn’t tell if they were in front of us or behind us!  I saw some spectators lined up along the route coming up a hill.  I liked that spot so I told Monica to turn in there!  I noticed that it was a private resort “The contemporary” and the people I saw in such a Great spot, were residents there!! Hmmmm….Time to work the cheek bones!!  “Hello, Mr. security guard man….We wanna cheer some friends on from this great spot….Pleeeeeeeeeese….?!?”   He said…”Ok” (A smile can get you far in life!! 😉  So we parked our car…grabbed the signs…and ran through crispy cold grass to our chosen spot….

As we are waiting and cheering EVERYONE  who was so courageous as to participate in a MARATHON, we met 2 guys, Darrin and Steve!!!  They had clappers and noise makers and they were SUPER LOUD AND ROWDY!!!!!  They represented the SPIRIT OF THE MARATHON!!!  they asked me the names of the runners that we were looking for so I told them Tish and Jennipher!  They just started screaming their names over and over!!  They said that they were sure that there would be other Tish and Jenns until OURS came along!!!  hey were adorable!!!  They also asked me what the girls looked like and if they were relatives!  I told them the description that I was given and I told them that I had never seen them BUT they were friends of mine from twitter and I was here to support them!  They thought that was ….CRAZY (because it was so cold) But also ABSOLUTELY COOL (because everyone likes to have a cheering squad) They kept talking to us…kept cheering for Tish and Jennipher and all the runners and we all tried to stay warm!!!

So…I check twitter…the last tweet was 38 minutes ago!!  Did we miss them?!?  Do we need to move closer to the finish line?!?

 Starting to become anxious….I pull my Blackberry out to check their tweets again (I cant feel my fingers and can’t make the buttons work)  This when Tish and Jennipher ran up the hill, out of the tunnel and into our sites….Well Monica’s sight cuz I was too busy trying to find them in my Blackberry!!!!!! LOL!!!  We all started cheering for them!!!!  They looked SO STRONG!!!!!! LIKE THEY HAD JUST STARTED!!!!  They were blowing us kisses…we were blowing them kisses….Tish held up the camera and started taking pictures of us!!!  I got so lost in the excitement that it wasnt until they vanished into the sea of runners that I realized that I DIDNT GET A PICTURE OF THEM!!!!!!!  I forgot about my Blackberry!!!!! This NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!!!!  Thats how AMAZING THE EXPERIENCE…..THE MOMENT WAS!!!!! 

I don’t think Jennipher and Tish have any idea how WONDERFULLY INSPIRING that moment was for me!!!!  Once I got back home….I registered for a 5K in Myrtle Beach!!!  Monica and Jessica are going to run it with me, as well as @damanlovett @PassionMD and my brother @KenpoDoc4!!!  The day after that….we will cheer on my sister-in-law who will be running her first marathon!!!! 

My advice to you, My readers, is this…… If you are thinking about running a race…..if you’re just curious to see what all the hype is about….if you’re just in need of a little INSPIRATION….. Go watch a race….YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU DID!!!!

THANK YOU, Ladies of @FitBottomedGirl !!!!!!!! Tish and Jennipher…This video is dedicated to YOU, MY FRIENDS!!!! January 10, 2010 The Disney Marathon….YOUR “ONE MOMENT IN TIME”

Love Ya Lots

Dr. Mo

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