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 So Super Excited to see The Biggest Loser Finale with all my Tweethearts!!!  I am going to do a recap post of all the festivities tonight after the show!!!  This  is a “How My Week Went” Post.

 completed 4 resistance workouts at the gym (generated by dailyburn.com) I am feeling CRAZY STRONG!!!!!  I LOVE to lift weights!!!  I even have @kthenb doing the workouts with me!!!! (She is Killing it too) 😉 I also did some bike riding, to include 15 mile ride on Saturday!!!!  My diet was a little Low on calories.  I skipped a few Breakies (NOT GOOD)!  I’m still drinking my water!!!  My week was a Success with One itty bitty exception…..MY SLEEPING STILL SUCKS!!!  I am trying to be in bed by 11!!!  I did this 3 out of the 7 days!!  PLEASE keep an eye out for me like @nomorebacon did on google “A friendly reminder… it is after 11” <~ I didn’t think anyone could see me!!! LOL!!! #BUSTED (BTW….I LOVE you for that)  End Result of last week… I LOST 2 POUNDS!!!  I VOW to make THIS WEEK BETTER!!!!!


1.  BE SELFISH!!! (Its getting easier)

2.  No Bread, Rice, or Pasta (More protein and veggies)

3.  IN BED BY 11 PM (week day ONLY..Im going to Orlando for Memorial Day Weekend)

4. 2 miles every morning and 45 minutes of the elliptical at night

5.  200 crunches a day (This is a piece of cake)

6.  Resistance Train AT LEAST 4 Days (alternating upper and lower body)

7.  Take a stroll at noon (Just to smell the roses…#Exhale)

8.  Leave a comment on EVERY BLOG that visits my blog (and leaves a comment…or  I won’t know who you are)

Okie Dokie!!! Let’s see how this week goes….so far so good!!!


What will YOU DO this week to MAKE YO FEEL PROUD?!? #PleaseShare 😉



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 What a rollercoaster of a day!!!  I woke up early today.  I felt refreshed from a good night’s sleep (getting to bed early just like I planned).  I had my green smoothie with spinach, mango, blueberries, whey, psyllium, flax seed and wheat germ (Breakfast of Champions).  I packed my gym bag and headed to the Tuesday nursing home.  All was going according to plan!!  I had a patient sing to me..”You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine.  You make me happy, when skies are gray.  you never know, dear, how much I love you.  Please don’t take my Sunshine away!!”  She had a Beautiful voice!!  I was going from room to room, doing my thing when I ran into a new rehab patient.  She  had neuropathy.  I began to debride her nails and I noticed that her big toe had dried blood on the tip.  I cleansed the area to find the source of the drainage and I noticed that she was missing the tip of her toe.  There was a steel pin exposed from a bunion surgery performed 20 years ago!!  The patient denied any trauma to the toe.  She couldn’t feel her feet so she was completely UNAWARE that the pin worked its way through the tissue.  I had to inform her of the status of her toe.  I have wound consults all the time, but I was consulted to see her for diabetic nail care!!  This was yet ANOTHER wake up call for me!!  I’m YOUNG and HEALTHY and it will ALL change IF I DON’T get the weight off and live a healthier lifestyle!! 

Still keeping to my plan, I went to my NM office, did a little paperwork, changed clothes and I was OFF TO THE GYM!!!  I did a KILLER lower body/core routine (generated by dailyburn.com and revised by moi) I felt STRONG!!!! After which, I slid into the last 20 min of a spin class!!!  (I must RE-Introduce my BOOTY to the SPINNING BIKE SEAT!!!  This was a Hills spin class so I was out of the saddle for most of the ride!!! YIPEE!!  I just wish the spin bikes had a distance reading OR than my Garmin could record a stationary bike!!!  Unfortunately, neither are true….

I went home, took a shower and began to make dinner for my WEEKLY Biggest Loser Par-Tay!!!  Spaghetti:  Wheat Pasta, ground turkey breast, and a killer salad!!! 

 This Biggest Loser episode was the “marathon” episode!!!  So much fun tweeting with my Biggest Loser Tweethearts!!!  I’m going to do a post with their blog links next week for the finale!  😉  Had a few tweets from @Tara_Costa (Who held the BL marathon record before last night) and @Ali_Sweeney who took it like a champ when I asked her if one of her tweets was english!!!  LOL!!!  We laugh, cry and even workout OR should I say #Tworkout during commercial breaks of Biggest Loser as @AprilShowrs of @shrinkingjeans tweets out exercises for us to do after 9 PM!!!  #GoodTimes  Watching the marathon unfold last night brought up strong emotions!!!  Exciting memories of watching Trish and Jenn of @FitBottomedGirl run their marathon in Jan. Excitement for Lori @slorunnermom who will be running her VERY FIRST MARATHON on 10/10/10 in Chicago with US, her Blackberry hearts cheering her on!!! (Yes, we ALL are planning to be there!!)  Some things were said to me via blackberry that made me think…I will dedicate a future post to that topic!! (Stay Tuned)

The Proudest, most Touching moment for me, last night was when former Biggest loser contestants were meeting the runners on the route to run with current contestants and give them support and encouragement!!!  @Ali_Sweeney Tweeted :  “Who would you want to run with you? #BL9”  to My SURPRISE….This tweet popped on my screen….

Slorunnermom: no hesitation I’d want @FitInMyHeart  🙂 RT @Ali_Sweeney: Who would you want to run with you? #BL9




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Hey Ladies and Gents!!!!!  I have been SUPER BUSY getting ready for my @Fabfatties (Now @FabFattieShan) Fitness cruise!!!  I have Been ON TRACK with my fitness!! Here is a Recap!!  I’m going to Include ALL my current challenges in this update!! HERE GOES!!  😉

1Playout 5 Days a week:  I have worked out 7 Days this week.  2 workouts were “active rest days which included long walks and Pilates type exercises

2 Drink 64 oz of water/ Day:  I only accomplished this 3 Days this week!  I Let work get in the way!! I am working on this!! 

3.  Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies/Day:  With my fruit smoothies, mega salads, and #30DayRaw meal, I’m getting this done with ease!!!

4.  Take a Lunch Stroll on “Office” Days:  I only had 1 office day and I walked that day.  The rest of the work days were nursing home days (all I do is walk on those days)

5.  Lose 2 Pounds/week for a total of 20 pounds at the end of these challenges:  I Lost 3.8 pounds this week!!!! WOO HOO!!!

6.  Hit My GoWearFit Target Goals Daily:  I accomplished this EVERYDAY!! (Steps, Activity goals, and Calories Burned)

7.  Stretch Every Night Before Bed:  I only did this ONE NIGHT this past week!!!  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!  I WILL IMPROVE!!

8.  100 Crunches Daily:  This was completed ALL 7 DAYS!!

9.  25 Push Ups/Daily:  This has Been Modified to EVERY OTHER DAY!!  My Virtual Trainers/Friends/Fitness coaches @wildfirefitness and @msjathletics felt that my arms needed a rest day in-between!!  They GET RESULTS with their clients and I LISTEN!!!

10.  Read/Comment on 2 Blogs/Daily:  This, I’ve done and its been an absolute Pleasure!!!  I plan to set up my Blog Roll of All My favorite Blogs while on my cruise (Maybe *giggles*)

“Perfect 10” challenge:  One Fact You Don’t Know About Me…..I have a skin allergy to metal.  This made it REALLY TOUGH for my boyfriends growing up because they could ONLY buy me 14K Gold Jewelry!!!!  None of that plated stuff for me!!!  LOL!!  This little fact has made it tough for me to wear my GoWearFit (Body Bugg’s cousin) The armband has metal sensors!!  I have to move the band every hour or so!!!  You can usually find it on my forearm for this reason!!

#30Daylcw……. I just finished Day 9 of this challenge!  This Challenge is lead by @BiggestLoserlvr.  We Do the Biggest Loser’s Last Chance Workout DVD every day for 30 Days!!  We update on @Pseymour’s Forum!! Its alot of fun!!  It’s NEVER too late to join!!! 

#365workout……..This was started by my Good Friend Eddie @damanlovett .  The premise behind this movement is to just simply MOVE YOUR BODY EVERY DAY!!!  It can either be a hardcore gym workout or simply parking at the back of the parking lot at the grocery store!!!  Just MOVE A LITTLE MORE each day!!!  I LOVE this Idea!!!  Anyone can start this!!!  Send a tweet Daily with how you “moved” that day!

#RethinkYourShrink………I am working on my MOTIVATION WALL for #RethinkYourShrink and TONIGHT we will have our “Last Chance Workout” Before the Weigh-In tomorrow!  (This is led by @Cunningmom {first hour is abs in the Eastern Timezone….she will tweet what exercise to do during the upcoming commercial and @ShrinkingJeans does Total body exercises during the 2nd hour)  This is SUPER FUN EXCITING INTERACTIVE way to “Watch” The Biggest Loser!!!!  Well Done Ladies!!! 

Okie Dokie…..That’s Everything!!!!  My Plan for a healthier Life in 2010 is RIGHT ON TRACK!!!!!! 

Next stop……..  CRUISIN” MY WAY TO A FITTER ME IN 2 DAYS!!!!!

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Hello fellow Shrinkers,  Tweethearts, and Bloggers!!!!  So I decided to join the sisterhood and Rethink my Shrink!!  The first week…(half-week cuz I started on Sunday) has been AMAZING!!!!!  I am loving the active, healthy, friendly nature of the sisters!!!!  I am finding it quite easy to follow my current plan!!  I’ve had at least 64 oz of H2O a day and I’ve had at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies!!!  I did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred on Monday, Kettle bell and a dance DVD on Tuesday, and Treadmill and Wii Fit tonight!!!  I also took a 20-30 min stroll at lunch on Mon, Tue, and Wed!!! My Pedometer has been over 10,000/daily and my GoWearFit (BodyBugg’s Cousin) has been hitting all the daily targets!  I am feeling POSITIVE and STRONG!!!!!  I watch the Biggest Loser on the east coast (I live in Florida)  I didn’t notice the fitness tweets @shrinkingjeans tweets until it was almost over….*Pouting*  I am going to join in on the “Last chance workout” Next Tuesday!!!  I LOVE THAT!!! 

Ok….this weeks weigh-in…….291.6 down from 293.4 last week = 1.8 lbs weight loss

Until Next Time….

Ask Yourself…..HOW DO I LOOK?!?

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Ahhhhhhh…….(That’s me exhaling) Ive finally kicked this cold/flu thing that was dragging me down! Now, I’m ready to “Get Back In The Game” and kick my Fitness “Butt” into HIGH GEAR!!! People have always referred to me as a “Workout Machine”. Taking a “FORCED” fitness hiatus made me realize just how much I love the way Living the “Health and Wellness” lifestyle makes me feel!!

Ive decided to go out of 2009 WITH A BANG and enter into 2010 SWINGING!!!! Once I made this decision, I needed to get my FITNESS ARMOR Together! Sooooooo…. what are some of the things that I have in my “Bag of Tricks” To help me reach my goals?!?!? I thought you would never ask!!

First things first……. Being a PODIATRIST, I must have on a Great Pair of comfortable, supportive shoes!! My Shoe of Choice Is A New Balance! My feet are mega flat and kinda wide. I’m also “Pleasantly Plump” and these shoes are some of the best Shock Absorbers around!! (Gotta protect my knees)

Next “Weapon” is my “GoWearFit” gowearfit.com (Body Bugg with sleep analysis). My friends @KyraTX and @Fitter_Mandy brought this little gem to my attention. I’m a Total Gadget Girl! This device tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about my calories in vs. my calories out. It also tells me how many steps I take (built in pedometer) and how many calories I need to burn daily to reach my goal by a set date. It also tells me how well I’m sleeping….Or should I say how poorly I’m sleeping! (I’ve averaging 49% on my sleep…NOT GOOD!!) In order for this gadget to be accurate, I must input my daily food items. This brings me to my next gadget.

I keep my daily food and water intake in my “FITBOOK” fitbook.com @Bwjen told me about this awesome, affordable fitness goal “Helper” It is the cutest most complete food/fitness/emotion/goal/measurement tracker out there!!

I “LIVE” for the camaraderie of “Like Minded Individuals” that I find at the gym!! I’m a total “Gym-Rat” like @MizFitOnline and @Chubby_Stubby_K I LOVE to feel the BURN of that last rep to failure!!! I love machines, I love the free-weights, I love the classes (especially spinning, kickboxing, and Zumba)…..Not yoga so much but I’m trying! (Did you hear that Tami?!? @widfirefitness) My gym doesn’t have NIA that @foodiemcbody loves so much but maybe in 2010, it will make an appearance on the roster!! *fingers crossed*

Sometimes, I’m unable to get to the gym. When that happens, or I need a QUICK kick in the booty, I Just Look to my old Pal Jillian Michaels!! Her #30DayShred DVD is NO JOKE!!!!! Just ask @TeeTee_71, @Phatbff, @Pseymour, @Biggestloserlvr, or @Jeepjenn!! They will tell ya!!! SHE WILL MAKE YOU CRY IN 20 MIN…..OR LESS!!!

Of course….My Life is ONE BIG MUSIC VIDEO….. at least in my head! LOL! I always have my ipod on my hip!! One of the artists that Inspires me and Keeps me PUMPED is My girl JANET JACKSON!!!!! I’m ready to take “CONTROL” Of my Life…..THE TIME IS NOW!!!

One “Piece Of Armor” That without which NOTHING, FOR ME, Is POSSIBLE…..is my BIBLE! I turn to it for STRENGTH….In Good times and the Bad!! People often ask me “How do you stay so happy?”……THIS IS WHY!!!

So that, in a nutshell, is what I’m going to use to take me TO AND THROUGH MY FITNESS GOALS!!! Oh ya…..There is one more “Thing” I need…..That Thing is…..YOU!!! One of THE BEST THINGS TO COME INTO MY FUN FILLED LIFE IS MY TWITTER FAMILY!!! The SUPPORT, MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, DEDICATION, & LOVE I feel FROM and FOR YOU is truly One of my MOST PRECIOUS BLESSINGS!! Thank You ALL!! From the bottom of my Heart….I LOVE YOU!!!

So please….no matter where you are in your fitness journey….no matter what you’re going through….YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!!!! Let’s LOCK HANDS and REACH OUR GOALS……TOGETHER!!!!! 2010……HERE “WE” COME!!! 😉


Dr. Mo

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