Hello friends!!!  Im going to get my work done early today YaY ME!!!!!!ANd My NurSe iS the BesT donT kNow What I am Going To Do When She Goes on VacAtion!!!! =(  <~ This was written by my DEVILISH NURSE while I was with a patient!!  I was going to erase it BUT I decided to leave it to show you what I have to deal with Monday through Friday!!!!  Oy Vey!!! LOL!!!

So, Today is the beginning of my workout and Dinner completed by 9 PM and In Bed by 11 PM!!!  I have set a few more goals for myself this week!!  They are as follows:

1.  Bike At Least 5 Miles/Day Monday-Saturday

2.  Resistance training 4 Days this week

3.  200 crunches/daily

4.  25 pushups/daily

5.  Yoga/Pilates 3 times/week

6.  Increase my protein intake/decrease my carb intake (Nothing drastic..just a little switch up to shock my system this week)

7.  8 glasses of H2O/day (Water only in the month of May)


So…. there you have it!!!  My patients AND charts are finished here in Arcadia!!  My ride is here and I’m heading home!!  So, what goals do you have set for yourself?!? 




The Picture I Took This Morning AFTER My Run/Walk


This has been a VERY EXCITING week!  I was challenged by @kthenb to walk/run 3 miles Monday-Friday of this week.  I’m PROUD to report that WE DID IT!!!  I set a goal and achieved it!!!  It felt WONDERFUL!!!  This was in addition to the challenge I received from @slorunnermom on the dailyburn.com to complete 100 miles (running BUT she is gracefully allowing me to count ALL my miles 😉 ) She also challenged me to 100 miles biking!!!  I plan to “ride out” later today!!!  (I’m 16 miles behind her!!!)  I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 405.  I’m still trying to figure it out BUT when I manage to get it to work, it is an awesome training tool!!!  I have developed an accountability group for my diet!!  (Kat, Terri, and Kimmie) We send our logs to each other daily with our exercise included as well!!!  This is a great tool to help keep the bad food choices few and far between!!!  I have ONLY CONSUMED WATER for the month of May!  Another one of Kimmie’s Bright ideas!!!  It was hard at first BUT it’s getting easier!!!  I’m still able to drink my green smoothies in the morning for breakfast!!!  These little ditties give me soooooo much energy!!!  Starts my day off right!!!  Whenever I have a birthday, I evaluate where I am in my life!!!  I’m pretty darn happy with the direction my life is taking!!!  I decided to Add A Little “Spice” to my life in the form of a “Road Race” in January!!  Details a little later BUT for now, just know that I am moving daily, headed to becoming a
“Lean mean fighting machine”  I am also doing 200 crunches a day to get my abs TIGHT!!!  If EVERYTHING goes according to plan, I will get my belly button RE-pierced in Chicago in October when we go to watched @slorunnermom compete in her FIRST MARATHON EVER!!!!!!! (I’m SO EXCITED for her!!!)  So if you see me on twitter/Facebook/Myspace/Dailymile/or DailyBurn, ask me how my abs are coming along!!!  Help Keep me focused!!! 😉  This (the following video is just ONE of my “Ab Inspirations” (Janet Jackson is my number) 

Sooooo…. I was riding to the store yesterday and “talking” to a close friend of mine (that I havent met…YET) We were talking about this weeks successes and not quite successes.  Out of the blue, she asked me “What are you afraid of?  You have ALL the KNOWLEDGE/TOOLS to SUCCEED, so what is your damage?”  After I got over my initial annoyance that she would even have the NERVE to ask me such a thing, I began to look inside so that I could give her MY TRUTH!  It ISNT a fear of success!!  I Pride myself on being a SUCCESSFUL BLACK WOMAN!!  I LOVE to set goals and ACCOMPLISH them!!  It’s not childhood damage!!  I had THE BEST CHILDHOOD EVER!!  I’m NOT an Overeater… More times than not, I skip meals and UNDER EAT!! (I’m doing much better now) 



Carla has been trying to help me with this for a while but I really didn’t think it had anything to do with my weightloss….I WAS WRONG!!!!  I have ALL THE KNOWLEDGE!!!  ALL THE TOOLS!!!  I will set up a PLAN, go to bed, wake up, and Begin to make OTHERS Happy…. My Patients, Friends, Significant other, kids…..By the time I get to ME, I’m EXHAUSTED!!!  I tell myself … its ok, TOMORROW will be ALL ABOUT ME!!  I wake the next day and do THE EXACT SAME THING!!!!   


I’m smarter than this!!!  So, there!!!  I’ve found my WHY!!!  Now its time to CHANGE IT UP!!! 

STARTING TONIGHT…. Dinner AND Workouts completed by 9.  In bed AND lights out by 11!!!  This is just the tip of the ice berg!!  Full details coming soon!!  Please help me keep these goals!!  WE ARE A TEAM!!!  Ok, I’m going to end here…for now… Thanks Kimmie….For being MY MIRROR!!! 

This Birthday has been the Best Birthday Week Since my Sweet 16 Birthday Bash!!!!!! So many of you contributed to my EXTREMELY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! This cruise that I’m on was a Birthday gift from @QTHouseOfBeauty Thank You for sharing your Space AND your family with me!!!! Its Truly Been MAGICAL!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Mwahzzzzzzzz……
I can’t end this post without thanking my other Angels that made me feel UBER SPECIAL!!!! The Gifts Of Health and Love deeply touched my Heart!!!!
My Most Sincere Gratitude:
@KellyK_C : Who started a birthday count down 2 hours before midnight and Was the FIRST to wish me a Happy Birthday!!! 😉
As well as All The Love Muffins That showed me Amazing Love on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You From the Bottom Of My Heart!!!!!!!

Ok…last day on my #DisneyCruise *sigh*…. I sing this song EVERY MORNING as I watch the sunrise on my balcony!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh…… LIFE IS BUT A DREAM!!!!!! XoXo


SO:  Honey, My niece, nephew, and his  friend are here from Tennessee for Spring Break.  Me:  Oh, great!  When are you going to see them?  SO:  I told them that they could spend the weekend with us!!  Me:  Like, spending the night?!?  (I have never met these 17 year old Rockers)  SO:  Yes…  They will be here at 6!  (It was around noon)  Soooooooo…..after a mild panic attack (The guest rooms were NOT ready for guests)  I went into Tasmanian Devil cleaning mode and whipped the house into shape!!! (Once they left, I was told that when Johnny walked into the house, he said “WOW… when did you become rich” to my SO)  This made me smile…”From the mouth of babes”  Long Story short….These teens (That I was hesitant to meet) WON MY HEART!!!!!!!  After spending the time with these amazing guys, I realized that they were in a rock band and would be touring next summer!!! (So Cute)   Oh… I forgot to introduce them….Friends, please say hello to Johnny and Rick……

Johnny (Shades) and his friend Rick

So, Friday night, my 2 little ones (Pretty and Precious), My SO’s 2 little ones and the rockers hung out playing the guitar, Keyboard, singing, and playing PS3 wifi with strangers online until 5AM!!!!!  Did I forget that I was going to be 38 years old in a week?!?  LOL!!!  Seriously…IT WAS THE MOST FUN THAT I’VE HAD IN A LOOOOOOOONG TIME!!!  This was one of the songs they played over…and OVER!!!!

The next day, we decided to take the crew to the beach!!  They were leaving the next day and they hadn’t even been to the beach!!!!!  After making the suggestion, I remembered that this was going to require me to hang out with teens in a bathing suit!!!  Honestly, by the time we reached the beach, I had forgotten that I even had on a bathing suit!! LOL!!!  I felt JUST THAT AT EASE!!!  We had to take 2 cars!!  The 2 rockers wanted to ride with me in the BMW with the top down so that they could flirt with the ladies!!!  They let me in on their secret “cute girl spotter” code and everything!!! I was “In Like Flint” LOL!!  So here is a mini pictorial of our time at SIESTA KEY BEACH……

Siesta Key Beach

Xavier having a blast

They decided to bury themselves for a MySpace photo

The others wanted to help

Rick wanted BIGGER BOOBS!!! LOL!!

Alexis is their bodygaurd


Oh Rick!! (Boys will be boys)

2 Peas in a Pod

Rick took this picture for me (He teaches Photography)

After this shot, we were ready to pack up and go.  We were going to Hollywood Studios the next day!  The boys informed me that they had never seen a sunset on the beach!!!  So we decided to stay so that they could experience God’s Amazing Grace….

Sunset at Siesta Key

As Rick was running to get his camera, I was able to catch him in his “Bay Watch” moment!!  LOL!!

After the sunset, we packed up and headed home!!  They asked if we could stop at Steak and Shake so that they could take pictures for their friends back home.  (There are NO Steak and Shakes in Johnson City, TN)  As we dropped them off on the way to Orlando (We got to the hotel at 1:30 AM because we let them watch the sunset) They told us “This was the ABSOLUTE BEST 2 Days of  our ENTIRE VACATION!!!!  (That was music to BOTH of our ears)  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!  Not too shabby for an ALMOST 38 y/o….. 😉



Made by ME for ALL of YOU!!! (Siesta Key Beach)


Hello My Dearest readers!!!  This is the beginning of My “Birthday Week”!!  I had a WONDERFUL week of SUCCESS last week!!!  I’m looking to TOP IT this week!!!  There are a few goals I plan to accomplish this week!!


1.  Cook Dinner Tues, Wed, and Thurs night (as per @kthenb)

2.  Complete week 2 of Push up/situp 6 week challenge (as per @slorunnermom)

3.  Drink 3L of H2O Daily

4.  Do my Reiki exercises Daily (as per @dailykat)

5.  Disconnect one night this week (as per @MizFitonline)

6.  In Bed by 10:30, Lights out at 11

7.  Work out 2x a day (Monday-Friday)


Okie Dokie!!! There you have it!!!  I WILL have 100% SUCCESS this week…MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!  Keep an EYE on me…Check in on me and let me know that you’ve got my back!!! BTW….


What is my reward for my 100% SUCCESSFUL week?!?!? A Disney Cruise Leaving the day after my birthday!!! April 25, 2010…. Look out Mickey!!! HERE WE COME!!!!!!!! 😉


Sitting at home, relaxing after a crazy day at the nursing home, my doorbell rings….I was told to be on the lookout for a package that should arrive by 3!!  As I scoop my 2 dogs up in my arms, I look at the time….3:20PM!!  I begin to smile!!  Sure enough, it’s the fedEx guy!!!  Yipee!!!!  I sign, close the door, and tell @jeninRL (who is on the phone) that I just received my first Birthday gift of the year!!!  Once opening the box, I started with this…..


There was the cutest singing card!!! JUST PERFECT!!

To TRULY know me is to know that I am a CHEERFUL GIVER!!  It comes naturally!!  What is hard for me, is Receiving!!  I will go out of my way to avoid the situation!!  THIS is my current life lesson!!  To be a gracious, cheerful receiver!!! Reiki teaches you to open your heart!!  I am LEARNING to OPEN my heart to ALLOW others to show ME love as I so willingly and easily show Love to them!!  When I saw the “Goodies” in this Birthday “Care Package” I was not only speechless, But MOVED TO TEARS!!!!  Not only moved by the abundance of the generosity, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, that it was the gift of REST!!!  PEACEFUL SLEEP!!  Something that eludes me 90% of the time!!!  This was the contents in the Bag:

Lavender Vanilla "SLEEP" Massage Oil, lotion, candles,etc

I tried my best to find the words to Thank Lori for the gift.  As a second gift to me, she simply Blackberry messaged me “No words necessary..ENJOY”    Lori, you are SUCH A GENTLE SPIRIT….So today, in this post, I want to say…..

THANK YOU, My Friend…….


Saw This In The Nursing Home Today


I saw this on a board and wanted to share it with you.  It made me think.  Are you WATCHING, CHOOSING, UNDERSTANDING, STUDYING, And DEVELOPING?!?  If not….