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Our Adventure for the next six months!!! CHEER US ON!!!

June is Here!!!!  I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by!!!  I have BIG PLANS for the rest of the year!!!  The unthinkable happened t me on May 31st!!  I GOT SICK!!!!!  I kept working (I won’t do THAT again) but my workouts TOOK A HIT!!!  I have not been able to workout this week.  As a result, I gained 2 pounds!  If I don’t MOVE, I don’t LOSE!!!  I’m not too concerned because I’ve already lost the 2 pounds (I jump on the scale from time to time).  I have 3 Days to KICK IT DOUBLE TIME before Wednesday weigh in!!  Something really exciting happened to me!  I decided to partner up with @kthenb and apply to become the next DYNAMIC DUO      “Two Scoops” Hosted by @Skinny_Scoopers.  Guess what?!?  WE WERE CHOSEN!!!  We will document our weight loss by blogging our weigh-ins every Wednesday and tracking our progress via BodyBuggs!!  Our BodyBuggs should be here by Tuesday and we have a conference call set up for Tuesday with Kim from BodyBugg.  We will also be doing a podcast with them.  Details still to come!!  @kthenb and I are in the process of getting BRAND NEW BLOG HOMES thanks to @nomorebacon This will happen before Wednesday!!  I will let you know the new addresses!  I’m thinking a good 50 pounds should come off during this challenge!!  I’m going to give it 110%!!! We’ll see!! 😉

 I spent most of the weekend in bed (Doctors orders) But many of my Tweethearts were out there MAKING IT HAPPEN!!!  My dear friend @dailykat ran her first 5K as did @jeepjenn.  @bekkib73 ran her 2nd 10K.  My Half Marathoners were @thefitlounge , The ladies of @ShrinkingJeans @reallifeadv @christieo, @LissaJoy @MommyMo, @girlsworld, @mama_sass, @karenaVNV.  My Friends @JenInRL, @MizFitOnline, and @IAmSucceeding met up with friends to participate in Weight Watchers Walk it!  @Nadeen walked for Chrohn’s Disease!! And My HotAss Friend @MrsFatAss made it to #Gruve E Green as she “Gets Her Groove Back”  My Dear friend (and coach) Lori launched her new site @DareToBecome There is also a WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY TO ENTER



If you know of any one that I may have missed OR if you have something coming up in the future, please let me know in the comments section.  I’m on a mission to CRUSH the DISNEY HALF in Jan 2011 and “YOUR” Victories Fuel MY SUCCESS!!! #Teamwork  It’s all about building a Loving Supportive Community!!!  Let’s Band Together and  GO FOR IT!!!  If you really WANT IT….It’s 







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The Picture I Took This Morning AFTER My Run/Walk


This has been a VERY EXCITING week!  I was challenged by @kthenb to walk/run 3 miles Monday-Friday of this week.  I’m PROUD to report that WE DID IT!!!  I set a goal and achieved it!!!  It felt WONDERFUL!!!  This was in addition to the challenge I received from @slorunnermom on the dailyburn.com to complete 100 miles (running BUT she is gracefully allowing me to count ALL my miles 😉 ) She also challenged me to 100 miles biking!!!  I plan to “ride out” later today!!!  (I’m 16 miles behind her!!!)  I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 405.  I’m still trying to figure it out BUT when I manage to get it to work, it is an awesome training tool!!!  I have developed an accountability group for my diet!!  (Kat, Terri, and Kimmie) We send our logs to each other daily with our exercise included as well!!!  This is a great tool to help keep the bad food choices few and far between!!!  I have ONLY CONSUMED WATER for the month of May!  Another one of Kimmie’s Bright ideas!!!  It was hard at first BUT it’s getting easier!!!  I’m still able to drink my green smoothies in the morning for breakfast!!!  These little ditties give me soooooo much energy!!!  Starts my day off right!!!  Whenever I have a birthday, I evaluate where I am in my life!!!  I’m pretty darn happy with the direction my life is taking!!!  I decided to Add A Little “Spice” to my life in the form of a “Road Race” in January!!  Details a little later BUT for now, just know that I am moving daily, headed to becoming a
“Lean mean fighting machine”  I am also doing 200 crunches a day to get my abs TIGHT!!!  If EVERYTHING goes according to plan, I will get my belly button RE-pierced in Chicago in October when we go to watched @slorunnermom compete in her FIRST MARATHON EVER!!!!!!! (I’m SO EXCITED for her!!!)  So if you see me on twitter/Facebook/Myspace/Dailymile/or DailyBurn, ask me how my abs are coming along!!!  Help Keep me focused!!! 😉  This (the following video is just ONE of my “Ab Inspirations” (Janet Jackson is my number) 

Sooooo…. I was riding to the store yesterday and “talking” to a close friend of mine (that I havent met…YET) We were talking about this weeks successes and not quite successes.  Out of the blue, she asked me “What are you afraid of?  You have ALL the KNOWLEDGE/TOOLS to SUCCEED, so what is your damage?”  After I got over my initial annoyance that she would even have the NERVE to ask me such a thing, I began to look inside so that I could give her MY TRUTH!  It ISNT a fear of success!!  I Pride myself on being a SUCCESSFUL BLACK WOMAN!!  I LOVE to set goals and ACCOMPLISH them!!  It’s not childhood damage!!  I had THE BEST CHILDHOOD EVER!!  I’m NOT an Overeater… More times than not, I skip meals and UNDER EAT!! (I’m doing much better now) 



Carla has been trying to help me with this for a while but I really didn’t think it had anything to do with my weightloss….I WAS WRONG!!!!  I have ALL THE KNOWLEDGE!!!  ALL THE TOOLS!!!  I will set up a PLAN, go to bed, wake up, and Begin to make OTHERS Happy…. My Patients, Friends, Significant other, kids…..By the time I get to ME, I’m EXHAUSTED!!!  I tell myself … its ok, TOMORROW will be ALL ABOUT ME!!  I wake the next day and do THE EXACT SAME THING!!!!   


I’m smarter than this!!!  So, there!!!  I’ve found my WHY!!!  Now its time to CHANGE IT UP!!! 

STARTING TONIGHT…. Dinner AND Workouts completed by 9.  In bed AND lights out by 11!!!  This is just the tip of the ice berg!!  Full details coming soon!!  Please help me keep these goals!!  WE ARE A TEAM!!!  Ok, I’m going to end here…for now… Thanks Kimmie….For being MY MIRROR!!! 

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Made by ME for ALL of YOU!!! (Siesta Key Beach)


Hello My Dearest readers!!!  This is the beginning of My “Birthday Week”!!  I had a WONDERFUL week of SUCCESS last week!!!  I’m looking to TOP IT this week!!!  There are a few goals I plan to accomplish this week!!


1.  Cook Dinner Tues, Wed, and Thurs night (as per @kthenb)

2.  Complete week 2 of Push up/situp 6 week challenge (as per @slorunnermom)

3.  Drink 3L of H2O Daily

4.  Do my Reiki exercises Daily (as per @dailykat)

5.  Disconnect one night this week (as per @MizFitonline)

6.  In Bed by 10:30, Lights out at 11

7.  Work out 2x a day (Monday-Friday)


Okie Dokie!!! There you have it!!!  I WILL have 100% SUCCESS this week…MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!  Keep an EYE on me…Check in on me and let me know that you’ve got my back!!! BTW….


What is my reward for my 100% SUCCESSFUL week?!?!? A Disney Cruise Leaving the day after my birthday!!! April 25, 2010…. Look out Mickey!!! HERE WE COME!!!!!!!! 😉

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Hello, My Friends!!! HAPPY TWEETSGIVING!!! (The picture above is the Thanksgiving Tree at one of my nursing home) Yes, I’m well aware that TODAY is the Day AFTER Thanksgiving, but I decided that I wanted to share my  Blessings with you anyway!! 😉 Besides…to know me is to know that I truly Practice the Act of BEING THANKFUL EVERYDAY…..Thats just “How I Roll!!!” 😉 

I am so Grateful for so many things this year!!!! I’m going to take this opportunity to list a few! They are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER! Here We Go!!!!!! 



The UNCONDITIONAL Love of my Dad!!!! 


My “Partner In Crime”…My Brother: Dr. Lewis Holmes III (@KenpoDoc4) 


My Wonderful friends…. New & Old (This was given to me by a friend who knew my Love of Dexter) 


My 2 Year pass to Sea World and Aquatica  




My “Local” Support System and Training Squad 

This weekend, I had an awesome time…just chatting with my new DEAR friends….I will say a special prayer tonight for @slorunnermom, @cunningmom, @TeeTee_71, @phatbff, @wildfirefitness, @knitster, @BwJen, @whiskyd, @MizFitOnline, @mommas_crew, @IAmSucceeding, @jeepjenn, @FabFattieShan, @KyraTX, @Fitarella, and @Msjathletics  for keeping my company…Keeping me smiling, and warming my HEART & SOUL This Weekend!!! THANK YOU!!! {{{{Hugs}}}}…. 




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2010 is off to a super start!!!  I’ve been working out hard, but I’ve done it at home!!  I have a treadmill, A stationary recumbent bike, weights, Kettle bells, medicine balls, resistance bands, yoga mats and DVDs out the wazoo!!!  I ALSO have a gym membership….I LOVE the atmosphere at my gym!!  I was starting to miss it, so I went back today….first time in 2010!!!  I’ve decided to share my gym with you…..HERE GOES!!

So…. Thats the outside!!  I am going to take you on a quick little tour of the inside!!

The front Lobby where you scan your card, get water or muscle milk , get locker keys, etc.

Stairs that lead to the massage area.

Dressing Rooms


Steam rooms, Saunas, showers

Cardio Theater with Spinning studio, and Pilates studio to the right and left of this picture


Lower Body free-weights room

Below we have the circuit room and upper body free-weights


Classes (Zumba, Kick Boxing, Boot Camp, Body Pump, etc.)

Me being the trainer…..

and me WORKING IT OUT!!! 😉

Manis, Pedis, and Salon

This was taken at the café across the street…(the night before)

Okie Dokie…. Thats it!!!  So now when I say that I’m heading to the gym, you will have a visual….

I showed you mine…NOW YOU SHOW ME YOURS!!!  Where do you workout?  Home, Gym, videos, Running, walking, biking?!?  Please share….I’D LOVE TO SEE!!! 😉

One more thing!!!  My weigh-in for Rethink Your Shrink…..Im at 288.9!  Slightly up from my last “official” weigh in BUT…Im down since my cruise!!!!  All is well, and I feel GREAT!!!  😉

I’m gonna leave you with the tune that was in my head all day!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!


Dr. Mo

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WOW, Dr. Mo….WHAT A WONDERFUL YEAR 2010 was for you!!!  You Had a Plan to SUCCEED in 2010 and YOU DID JUST THAT!!!  LOL!! Don’t look so shocked!!!  You knew this was “Your Year” all along!!!  Go ahead….grab your Healthy Salad and 8th glass of water, have a seat, and let me TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT!!!

You started the year off right with a few Awesome challenges….#30Daylcw with @pseymour and @BiggestLoserLvr, Perfect 10, and Rethink Your Shrink with @Shrinkingjeans! All of your goals for those challenges were met….AND EXCEEDED!!!  You were a little behind in the Beginning with the Rethink Your Shrink Challenge, HOWEVER….you hit your stride mid way and turned in assignments on time….Even being the first to post a few times!!!  😉  I’m so Proud of you for that!!!  During the first 10 weeks of 2010, you lost a whooping 34 pounds!!!  You managed to do that while cruising to Mexico with @FabFattieShan, @KyraTX, and @JeepJenn!! (Sisters for Life) You also met some Wonderful women and Kyra’s AWESOME Husband Brad who was The Official bodyguard of the trip!!!  These are Bonds that have continued to grow throughout 2010!! 

Your Re-Introduction to road races was a Huge success this year!!!  You finished the 5K in Myrtle Beach on Valentine’s Day Weekend with flying colors!!!  @damanlovett & @PassionMD were so much cooler in person than you ever thought possible…and thats saying a lot!!!!  The 5K races that you did after that just kept improving!!!  Yes, You’re correct….a half marathon is scheduled for 2011!!!  😉  Dont worry….YOU’RE READY!!!

Your Blogging has improved by Leaps and Bounds since you attended #FitBloggin10!!!  @BwJen @MizFitOnline @KCLAnderson @PriorFatGirl @Ronisweigh and ALL the WONDERFUL People you met in Maryland have touched your heart and enriched your life more than you thought they would!!!  You were open and receptive to their knowledge of the Blogging world and it shows!!!

Your Biggest Growth came when you spent some time at Green Mountain at Fox Run in Vermont!! @MarshaHudnall and the staff were so truly Amazing!!  They helped you to FINALLY unlock those last few pieces of the weight loss puzzle!!!

Now that you’ve lost a total of 93 pounds this year…. I want you to CONTINUE ON YOUR PATH TO HEALTHIER LIVING!!!!!

Im So Proud Of You, Monique…… I Pray for your continued success!!!

I dedicate This Song to you, Monique!  In 2011, we will complete this journey!!! WE’RE GOING ALL THE WAY!!!



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Hey Ladies and Gents!!!!!  I have been SUPER BUSY getting ready for my @Fabfatties (Now @FabFattieShan) Fitness cruise!!!  I have Been ON TRACK with my fitness!! Here is a Recap!!  I’m going to Include ALL my current challenges in this update!! HERE GOES!!  😉

1Playout 5 Days a week:  I have worked out 7 Days this week.  2 workouts were “active rest days which included long walks and Pilates type exercises

2 Drink 64 oz of water/ Day:  I only accomplished this 3 Days this week!  I Let work get in the way!! I am working on this!! 

3.  Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies/Day:  With my fruit smoothies, mega salads, and #30DayRaw meal, I’m getting this done with ease!!!

4.  Take a Lunch Stroll on “Office” Days:  I only had 1 office day and I walked that day.  The rest of the work days were nursing home days (all I do is walk on those days)

5.  Lose 2 Pounds/week for a total of 20 pounds at the end of these challenges:  I Lost 3.8 pounds this week!!!! WOO HOO!!!

6.  Hit My GoWearFit Target Goals Daily:  I accomplished this EVERYDAY!! (Steps, Activity goals, and Calories Burned)

7.  Stretch Every Night Before Bed:  I only did this ONE NIGHT this past week!!!  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!  I WILL IMPROVE!!

8.  100 Crunches Daily:  This was completed ALL 7 DAYS!!

9.  25 Push Ups/Daily:  This has Been Modified to EVERY OTHER DAY!!  My Virtual Trainers/Friends/Fitness coaches @wildfirefitness and @msjathletics felt that my arms needed a rest day in-between!!  They GET RESULTS with their clients and I LISTEN!!!

10.  Read/Comment on 2 Blogs/Daily:  This, I’ve done and its been an absolute Pleasure!!!  I plan to set up my Blog Roll of All My favorite Blogs while on my cruise (Maybe *giggles*)

“Perfect 10” challenge:  One Fact You Don’t Know About Me…..I have a skin allergy to metal.  This made it REALLY TOUGH for my boyfriends growing up because they could ONLY buy me 14K Gold Jewelry!!!!  None of that plated stuff for me!!!  LOL!!  This little fact has made it tough for me to wear my GoWearFit (Body Bugg’s cousin) The armband has metal sensors!!  I have to move the band every hour or so!!!  You can usually find it on my forearm for this reason!!

#30Daylcw……. I just finished Day 9 of this challenge!  This Challenge is lead by @BiggestLoserlvr.  We Do the Biggest Loser’s Last Chance Workout DVD every day for 30 Days!!  We update on @Pseymour’s Forum!! Its alot of fun!!  It’s NEVER too late to join!!! 

#365workout……..This was started by my Good Friend Eddie @damanlovett .  The premise behind this movement is to just simply MOVE YOUR BODY EVERY DAY!!!  It can either be a hardcore gym workout or simply parking at the back of the parking lot at the grocery store!!!  Just MOVE A LITTLE MORE each day!!!  I LOVE this Idea!!!  Anyone can start this!!!  Send a tweet Daily with how you “moved” that day!

#RethinkYourShrink………I am working on my MOTIVATION WALL for #RethinkYourShrink and TONIGHT we will have our “Last Chance Workout” Before the Weigh-In tomorrow!  (This is led by @Cunningmom {first hour is abs in the Eastern Timezone….she will tweet what exercise to do during the upcoming commercial and @ShrinkingJeans does Total body exercises during the 2nd hour)  This is SUPER FUN EXCITING INTERACTIVE way to “Watch” The Biggest Loser!!!!  Well Done Ladies!!! 

Okie Dokie…..That’s Everything!!!!  My Plan for a healthier Life in 2010 is RIGHT ON TRACK!!!!!! 

Next stop……..  CRUISIN” MY WAY TO A FITTER ME IN 2 DAYS!!!!!

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